Contact Your Local Coordinator
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To reach a Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Coordinator in your region, please click on the persons name listed next to your region. A blank email will appear for you to ask questions or give a testimony about the Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem in your area.

If you don't see your country/region represented, you can also sign up be a coordinator, saying "Yes! I want to touch God's heart with my love of Israel and its' people. I will join the team of coordinators; I will answer the call of God for today's Esther or Mordacai! I would like more information, please contact me."
Select your country/state.
AE Coordinator for United Arab Emirates Elizabeth George Mammen
Albania Team Coordinator for Albania Dana Molla
AmericanSamoa Team Coordinator Anonymous
Angola Team Coordinator Pastor Zola Diozeye Andrico
AntiguaAndBarbuda Team Coordinator Anonymous
AO Coordinator for Angola Edmond DiBantsa
AT Team Coordinator for Austria Brigitte Lukatschek
AU Australia Coordinator Ruth Marrion
AU Coordinator for SA Gael Harrison
AU Coordinator in Victoria Shereen Dirckze
Australia Western Australia Coordinator for Country Areas Carrie Wilson
Australia Coordinator for Queensland Charmaine Eastgate
Australia Emeritus Team Coordinator Emeritus Team Coordinator
AW Team Coordinator Frank Daal
BE Team Coordinator Luc Henrist
Belize Team Coordinator Anonymous
Benin Team Coordinator Therese Dedegbe
BO Team Coordinator for Bolivia Hans Frederiksen
Botswana Team Coordinator Anonymous
BR Team Coordinator Heslei Fomin
BR Coordinator for Brazil Rogerio Ferreira Goncalves
BR Coordinator in Rio de Janerio Getulio A. Cidade
Brazil Coordinator for Brazil Elson de Oliveira
BS Coordinator for the Bahamas Linda Barry-Cooper
BU Coordinator for Burundi & D. Congo Sebagabo Francois
BU Coordinator for Bujumbura Victoire Ndikumana
CA Coordinators for Vancouver Island Bill & Edie Southward
CA Coordinator for Ontario Francis Thomas
CA - MB Coordinator for Manitoba Judy Boivin
Cameroon Team Coordinator Bassia Nguille Martin Lucien
Canada Coordinator for the City of Vancouver Chris Wright
Canada Coordinator for Ontario Martha Bencomo
Canada - AB Coordinator for Alberta & Saskatchewan Gary Quinlan
Canada - BritishColumbia Canada Team Coordinator Chris Wright
CaymanIslands Team Coordinator Anonymous
CH Coordinator for Switzerland Frau Ursula Tall
Chile Team Coordinator Anonymous
China Team Coordinator for Hong Kong (Asia) Colin and Nancy Chow
CL Coordinator for Chile Felipe Quinelen
CO Coordinator for Columbia Ruth Ruibal
Colombia Team Coordinator Anonymous
Colombia Coordinator for Colombia William Teo Sanchez Camargo
Congo Team Coordinator Bishop Gloire Bama WaMobutu
Congo Team Coordinator Anonymous
CostaRica Team Coordinator Carmen Yadira Santos
CU Coordinator for Cuba Daniel Morales Rodriguez
CzechRepublic Team Coordinator Karel Sedlacek
DE Team Coordinator Roland and Ruth Selg
Denmark Coordinator Betina Enemark
Denmark Team Coordinator Dr. Ravi Chandran
Dominica Team Coordinator Anonymous
ElSalvador Team Coordinator Dres Moises and Margarita Preza
ES Coordinator for Spain Enrique Garcia
Estonia Team Coordinator Peeter Vosu
ET Team Coordinator for Ethiopia Sitota Solomon
Ethiopia Team Coordinator Anonymous
FR Coordinator for France Bernard Leycuras
France Team Coordinator Anonymous
FrenchPolynesia Team Coordinator Anonymous
GA Coordinator for Gaban Judicael Mounguengui
Gambia Team Coordinator Anonymous
GH Coordinator for Ghana Robert Djokoto
Ghana Team Coordinator Bishop Prince Benny Wood
Ghana Team Coordinator Pastor Peter K Appiah
Greece Coordinator for Greece Wellynder Leris
Greece Team Coordinator George Markakis
Grenada Team Coordinator Anonymous
GT Coordinator for Guatemala Doris Caballeros
Haiti Team Coordinator Anonymous
Honduras Team Coordinator Anonymous
HongKong Team Coordinators Colin and Nancy Chow
HongKong Team Coordinator Anonymous
ID Team Coordinator for Indonesia Anonymous
IL Coordinator for Israel Daniel Ketchum
IN Coordinators for Goa Andrew & Lavanya Yelchuri
IN Coordinator for India Ernest Pereira
IN Coordinator for Samalkot Samuel Victor son eali
IN Coordinator for India Joseph John
IN Coordinator in Hyderabad India Kusuma Nanda
India India Coordinator Albert Sudarshan
India Coordinator fo Andhra Pradesh Joshua Madhu Babu
India Coordinator for India Pastor Prem Dulipalli
India Team Coordinator Timothy Chhinchani
Indonesia Team Coordinator Anonymous
Ireland Team Coordinator Brian Silvester
IS Team Coordinator for Iceland Sister Hrafnhildur
IT Coordinators for Italy Clint and Gabriella Frye
Italy Team Coordinator Robert Hord
IvoryCoast Team Coordinator Bishop David Rois
IvoryCoast Team Coordinator Anonymous
IvoryCoast Coordinator Jules Anoh Ahoulou
Jamaica Team Coordinator Anonymous
Kazakhstan Team Coordinator Anonymous
KE Coordinator - City of Nakuru Rufus Karanja
KE Coordinator for Kenya Apostle Joseph B. Likiti
Kenya Team Coordinator James O Owuor
Kenya Coordinator for the Rift-Valley Region James Ochieng Akumu
KR Team Coordinator Elder Young-Kil Lee
Liberia Team Coordinator Pastor Roosevelt Weah
LR Coordinator for Liberia John Deguah
LS Coordinator for Maseru Apostle David Nthebe
Luxembourg Team Coordinator Anonymous
Malawi Coordinator for Malawi Makwenda Namoto
Malawi Coordinator for Malawi Solisten Mateyu
Malaysia Team Coordinator Anonymous
Mali Team Coordinator Anonymous
Malta Team Coordinator Anonymous
Mauritius Team Coordinator Anonymous
Mexico Team Coordinators Andrew & Tiffany Bucksot
MM Team Coordinator for Myanmar Dr. Vanlalrenga
MO Coordinator for Macau Beto Bebeto
MX Coordinator for Mexico Scott Lipton
MY Coordinator for Malaysia Anonymous
Namibia Team Coordinator Louise and Michelle Dickson
NG Coordinator for Nigeria and Ghana Rex Ajenifuja
NG Coordinator for Yola Vanduhe Apagu JP
Nicaragua Team Coordinator Anonymous
Niger Team Coordinator Anonymous
Nigeria Team Coordinator Chukwudike Abraham
Nigeria Coordinator for Prayer Army Intl Rev. Dr. Friday Bekee
NL Coordinator for the Netherlands Nico Aarnoudse
NL Coordinator for the Netherlands Joseph Shenouda
NO Coordinator for Norway Svein Sandersen
NO Coordinator for Norway Boneza Rumvegeri
NP Team Coordinator for Nepal Timothy Rai
NZ Coordinator for New Zealand Anonymous
PA Team Coordinator in Panama Tomas Portillo
Pakistan Team Coordinator Pastor Javed Masih
Panama Team Coordinator Anonymous
Papua-NewGuinea Team Coordinator Elizabeth Harold-George
Peru Coordinator for Lima Apostle Alicia Estrenadoyro
Peru Team Coordinators Mario and Sara Coello
PG Team Coordinator - West New Britain Province Fredius Julius
PG Coordinator for Papua New Guinea Aileen Baroa
PG Coordinator for Papua New Guinea Andrew Rahiria
Philippines Team Coordinator Josefina Brobio
PK Coordinator for Islamabad David Bhatti
PL Coordinator for Poland Lukasz Grys
Portugal Team Coordinator Maria Sao Luiz Carreira
PuertoRico State Coordinator Pastor Rolando Madera
PW Team Coordinator for Palau Regina Subris
PY Team Coordinator for Paraguay Mirna Santacruz/Lucio & Lucy Spinzi
RepublicOfDominica Team Coordinator Anonymous
Romania Team Coordinator Tudor Petan
RW Coordinator for Rwanda Joy Basiinga
Rwanda Team Coordinator Rev Enoch Bagirihya
SaintKittsAndNevis Coordinator - St. Kitts Josephine Mallallieu-Webbe
SaintKittsAndNevis Team Coordinator Leonie James
SaintKittsAndNevis Nevis Islands Team Coordinator Sylvia Francios
SaintLucia Team Coordinator Anonymous
SaintVincentAndTheGrenadines Team Coordinator Anonymous
Senegal Team Coordinator Anonymous
Seychelles Team Coordinator Anonymous
SG Team Coordinator Gilbert and Almena Carthigasu
SG Coordinator for Singapore Lilyanna Lie
SI Team Coordinator for Sierra Leone Clara Robbin-Coker
Slovenia Team Coordinator Anonymous
Spain Team Coordinator for Spain Urs Heinz
Swaziland Team Coordinator Anonymous
Switzerland Team Coordinator Urs Heinz
Tanzania Team Coordinator for Dar es Salaam Brighton Buberwa
Tanzania Coordinator for the Dar es Salaam Region Pastor Job Mkama
Tanzania Team Coordinator Rev Daniel Adongo Ouma
Thailand Team Coordinator Anonymous
Togo Coordinator for Togo Wagbe Agba
Togo Team Coordinator Anonymous
Tonga Team Coordinator Anonymous
TrinidadAndTobago Team Coordinators Mario and Cheryl Culpepper
TurksAndCaicosIslands Team Coordinator Anonymous
TW Coordinator for Taiwan Hendry Grobler
TZ Coordinator for Tanzania Pastor Eliah E Mauza
TZ Coordinator for Arusha Godfrey Theopil
UG Coordinator for Uganda Luke Lakidi
UK Coordinator for Halifax Mary Spencer
Ukraine Team Coordinator Pastor Sunday Adelaja
UnitedKingdom Team Coorinator Julie Anderson
USA Global and International Coordinator Wendy Miller
USA USA Coordinator Jael Szumigala
USA New England Coordinator: NH, VT, ME, MA, RI, CT David Donnangelo
USA Middle Atlantic Coordinator: NY, PA, NJ Margaret Roxberry
USA South Atlantic Coordinator: DE, MD, DC, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL David and Maddie Basham
USA East South Central Coordinator: AL, MS, TN, KY Pastor Brandy Gibson
USA East North Central Coordinator: MI, OH, IN, IL, WI Dr. Jan Biggin
USA West North Central Coordinator: ND, MN, SD, IA, NE, KS, MO Thomas Otley
USA West South Central Coordinator: TX, OK, AR, LA Lisa Depew
USA Mountain Coordinator NV, UT, CO, ID, WY, MT Rev. Bob Fritch
USA South West & West Coast Coordinator: AK, AZ, Baja CA, CA, OR, WA Scott Lipton
USA Coordinator for Asian Action Network Herman Martir
USA Coordinator in Ontario Linda Storm
USA - AK State Coordinator Scott Lipton
USA - AL Birmingham City Coordinator Brenda Jones
USA - AL State Coordinator Mrs. Christina Paulson
USA - AL State Coordinator Rita Sutton
USA - AL Birmingham City Coordinator Theresa Jones
USA - AR State Coordinator Ron Hedinger
USA - AZ Phoenix City Coordinator Vivian and Greg Herbert
USA - AZ Tucson and Southwest Arizona Coordinator Bettie Smith
USA - AZ Hispanic Community in Tucson and Southern Arizona Andres Malo
USA - AZ Rio Rico, Tubac, Nogales Christine Job
USA - AZ Sahuarita Kathy Howey
USA - AZ Scottsdale Coordinator Rabbi Jack Zimmerman
USA - CA La Cruz City Coordinator Cathy McCoy
USA - CA Northern CA Coordinator Dave Hobbs
USA - CA Northern CA Coordinator Charles David
USA - CA La Cruz City Coordinator Rev. Karen Piccard-Baumann
USA - CA San Bernardino and Inland Empire Coordinator Deborah Martinez
USA - CA Los Angeles County Angelique Washington
USA - CA Sacramento Area Co-Coordinator Karen Engle
USA - CA Sacramento Area Co-Coordinator Kathleen Griffin
USA - CO State Coordinator Sarah Dukes
USA - CT State Coordinator Debra L. Newton
USA - CT Fairfield County Coordinator Jacqueline Hayes
USA - DC D.C. Coordinator Alice Holland
USA - DE State Coordinator Gloria Harrison
USA - FL North Middle Counties Doug Steckbeck
USA - FL Macclenny City Coordinator Kathryn Waddell
USA - FL Highlands County Coordinator Shawanda Adams
USA - FL State Coordinator Shawanda Adams
USA - FL Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte County David and Maddie Basham
USA - FL North Port Church Coordinator Shirley Ann Kemble
USA - FL North Port Coordinator Cheryl Reber
USA - FL Orlando and Central Florida Nancy Wilson
USA - FL Bradenton Coordinators Larry & Bonnie Sundberg
USA - GA Brunswick City Coordinator Edith Farmer
USA - GA State Coordinator Sharon Priest
USA - GA Marietta City and Church Coordinator Carol Wiseman
USA - HI State Coordinator Larry Walter
USA - IA Cedar Rapids Coordinator Duane McLean
USA - IL State Coordinator Cecelia K Ellis
USA - IN Nappanee City Coordinator Pastors Michael and Judy Peterson
USA - IN State Coordinator Deanna Warren
USA - IN Indiannapolis City Coordinator Donna Witcher
USA - KS State Coordinator Earl Pickard
USA - KY State Coordinator Rev. Stephen H. Guarneros
USA - KY Ft. Campbell Coordinator Amanda Sanchez
USA - MA State Coordinator Evelyn Penn
USA - MA State Coordinator Lee Weeks
USA - MD Baltimore Coordinator Apostle Tonya D. Green
USA - MD Cumberland City Coordinator Jean Breighner
USA - MD State Coordinator Lee Holland
USA - MD Largo, Kettering, Mitcheville City Coordinator Sandra Butler
USA - MD State Coordinator Wanda David
USA - MI State Coordinator Apostle Barbara J. Yoder
USA - MI Church Coordinator-Restoration Fellowship Tabernacle Joanne Shreve
USA - MS State Coordinator Debra Abertnathy
USA - ND North Dakota State Coordinator Pastor John Boustead
USA - NJ Southern NJ Coordinator Gladys Carden
USA - NJ North West NJ Coordinator Jamie Rodgerson
USA - NJ North East NJ Coordinator Roslyn McGriff
USA - NJ Central NJ, Evening and 24 Hour Prayer Call Coordinator Rev. Tracie Plungis
USA - NJ Newark Coordinator Jamae Sippio
USA - NM State Coordinator Scott Lipton
USA - NM State Coordinator Carol and James Sullivan
USA - NM State Coordinator Delores Black
USA - NY Rochester Coordinator Diane Beaudoin
USA - NY Bronx, Queens, International Travel Dr. Lincoln A Jailal
USA - NY Syracuse Coordinator James Exner
USA - NY Brooklyn Coordinator Maria Colon
USA - NY Church Coordinator-First Assembly of God-Staten Island Pastor Joe Iannone
USA - NY Queens Coordinator Rev. Matthew Singh
USA - NY Bronx Coordinator Rev. Pura Coniglio
USA - NY Brooklyn Coordinator Sarita Morales
USA - NY State Coordinator Rev. Dr. Barbara Yovino
USA - NY Staten Island/Brooklyn Joanne Miller
USA - NY Brooklyn Coordinator Mrs. Bukky Soyem
USA - NY Brooklyn City Coordinator Mildred Lizardi
USA - NY New York City Coordinator Bridget Inverso
USA - OH Cinncinati Coordinator Carol Freas
USA - OH State Coordinator Paulette Farina
USA - OH Columbus City Coordinator Dianna Brewer
USA - OK Oklahoma State and Morning Prayer Call Coordinator Andrea Anderson
USA - OR State Coordinator Judy Cashatt
USA - PA North East PA Coordinator Carol Moreau
USA - PA Canton City Coordinator Caroline Rubendall
USA - PA Towanda Coordinator Caroline Rubendall
USA - PA Harrisburg Coordinator Connie Barner
USA - PA State Coordinator David Donnangelo
USA - PA Wyalusing Coordinator Fred and Joanne S. Reinhart
USA - PA Northwest Region Pennsylvania Margaret Roxberry
USA - PA Pittsburgh Coordinator Eva Trout
USA - SC Greenville City Upstate Coordinator Curtis R. Carr
USA - TX State Coordinator Dennis Lindsay
USA - TX Hohenwald City Coordinator Dorothy Peterson
USA - TX State Coordinator Lisa Depew
USA - TX Odessa City Coordinator Rosemary Cervantes
USA - TX Blanco County Coordinator Rev. Phil Thompson
USA - VA State Coordinator Margot Miller
USA - VA Church Coordinator Luz Herrera
USA - VA Shenandoah Valley Coordinator Timothy King
USA - VA Manassa City Coordinator Jeannette Kameni
USA - WA State Coordinator Scott Lipton
USA - WA Olympia Coordinator George Wehnes
USA - WA Bonney Lake and Tacoma Chip Kuntz
USA - WA Blaine and Birch Bay Dan Dement
USA - WI Wisconsin Coordinator Arma Purdy
Vanuatu Team Coordinator Anonymous
Venezuela Team Coordinator Antonio Cordero
VI St. Croix Coordinator Zaira Wheatley
Vietnam Team Coordinator for Vietnam Pastor Moses Phuc
VirginIslands(British) British Virgin Islands Team Coordinator Ivy George
VU Coordinator for Vanuatu Jim Moli James
ZA Coordinator in South Africa Suret Smith
ZA Coordinator for South Africa Kim Brudvig
Zaire Team Coordinator Anonymous
Zambia Team Coordinator Anonymous
ZM Team Coordinator for Zambia Jere Mwila
ZR Team Coordinator Rev Dona Kabamba Kantolue