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Since 2009, student leaders on college campuses across North America have declared that the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is a strategic prayer movement for their generation and a relevant cause for Christian students on their campuses. Since anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Zionist sentiment is very strong on most college campuses, this has been both a spiritual and social battle for these courageous young believers; nevertheless, G-d has raised up and continues to call forth many young adults who refuse to be silent, before G-d and before man, as to why Christians need to pray for Jerusalem and all of her people groups, Jew and Arab alike. 

For Free Resources you can use to educate and mobilize your fellow students to pray for the God's peace and blessing on Jerusalem and all of her inhabitants, click below.

Answering Tough Questions About Israel
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Other College Specific Resources About Israel
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- Be My Witnesses - Dwight Pryor (PDF)
- DPPJ Prayer Points (PDF)
- DPPOC Prayer Points (POWERPOINT)
- DPPJOC Pre-Event Checklist (WORD)
- DPPJOC Post-Event Checklist (WORD)
- Israel 101 (PDF)
- Stewarding Relationships - Jewish Protcol (PDF)
- Why Stand With Israel (PDF)

And finally, click on a university logo below to read testimonies of how the Day of Prayer is impacting campuses across North America:
Complicated Conflict, Simple Solution!
York University, Canada *2010*
York University The Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem on the York University campus consisted of approximately 30 students gathering to intercede for Jerusalem in the Scott Religious Centre. The prayer for Jerusalem was led by Israel Experience participant Josee Chiasson, who returned from that trip to Israel with fresh revelation and a new passion for the nation of Israel and it's inhabitants. When asked what he thought about the prayer event, one Christian student from York said, “ The thing I like most about the worship session is the fact that we used the Word to agree and pray on behalf of Israel...we prayed individually and agreed, united, as it relates to Israel.” He also went on to say that the importance of continued prayer for the peace of Israel was imparted through the passion in the hearts of the people leading the meeting. Josee states that this prayer effort will continue throughout the school year in conjunction with an educational series called Jerusalem 101, held twice a month in order to educate students about why Christians should stand with Israel and to equip them with the knowledge to effectively do so on their campus.-- Regional Coordinator
University of Northern Colorado, Colorado *2012*
Christians United for Israel at the University of Northern Colorado (CUFI-UNC) held a Day to Pray event on Sunday, October 7th.  The event started with a word of prayer and a few worship songs. Once worship had come to an end, we split into groups and began our prayer time.  Each group focused on two prayer points: 1) that God would raise up Christian “Watchmen” to pray and stand with the state of Israel, and 2) for peace and protection over Israel and everyone in this area of the world.  Our prayer time was eye opening and encouraging to all members. CUFI-UNC hopes to continuing have this Day to Pray in the future. -- Shayna Galasso, President
Seminole State College, Florida *2009*
Seminole State College "[After a long battle with his University to host a Day of Prayer event on campus, Justin finally won- only to show-up to a room empty of students who promised to show-up on Oct. 4th. Justin's passion for God and his love for Jerusalem did not keep him silent, though he was one voice in an empty concert hall... Here is Justin's thoughts on that day.] "Do not think that because you sit in the Kings palace that you are safe while all the other Jews perish for if you do not rescue us then a deliverer will arise from some other place and you and your fathers house will perish but Who knows that you have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this" (Esther4:13-14). I may be the only voice on campus but at least there is one voice, One voice is all it takes; sometimes one voice can cause change but on October 4th my one voice joined with many voice's all around the world to cause change concerning God's city Jerusalem. It was an honor to be apart of something that will cause the right change on behalf of God's city." - Justin Porter- Seminole State College of Florida
University of Idaho, Idaho *2010*
University of Idaho We were very surprised at the apathy towards the state of Israel in the churches and Christian organizations around campus. Nobody wanted to get involved because it meant taking a stance on an issue. Though we had a low turn out, this event has sparked a desire in us to research the Middle-east conflict, to better appreciate our connection to Israel through our faith and hopefully share this important message with those on our campus who have ears to hear -- DPPJ Campus Leader
Wheaton College, Illinois *2010*
We had our prayer meeting Sunday, Oct. 3 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Kingdom Prayer Room on Wheaton College’s campus. We had around 10-15 people at our prayer meeting and had one person leading worship on guitar. We prayed corporately, in small groups, and Korean style (all voices together) during the prayer meeting. We prayed for the church in Israel, for the Jewish people, and for the protection of the people. Scriptures were read during the prayer meeting, including but not limited to: Isaiah 62, Romans 11, and Ezekiel 37. We enjoyed fellowship with each other afterwards and received more of God’s heart for Israel by praying together. “I pray for the leaders of Israel and Palestine that their eyes may be opened to Christ because Christ is the only solution and source of true peace in the middle east.” --DPPJ Campus Leader, Lisa Hilde
University of Kansas, Kansas *2012*
On October 3, 2012, students gathered to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  I shared the importance of prayer for Israel and gave an overview of the current reality in Israel.  Three other students and I led the group in four main prayer points.  Students actively engaged their hearts in prayer and left with a greater awareness of Israel, an increased desire for prayer, and revelation to seek God’s heart for Israel and the Jewish people.  I believe the DPPJ on Campus events are vital to establishing a culture of prayer amongst students regarding Israel. -- Catherine Gunsalus, University of Kansas
Wayne State University, Michigan *2009*
Wayne State University "As peaceful and unbiased as a prayer rally is, a WSU student misinterpreted the prayer rally. He asked if Palestinians were included in the prayer and if praying for peace means that the Palestinians be stripped from the land. I told the student that the DPPJ is observed by millions of people around the globe and was created to pray for the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Obviously the Palestinians in habit Jerusalem, so they too would be included in the prayer... The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem - On Campus is an avenue for increasing the Christian understanding of Israel... Hosting the DPPJ on campus is a testament of young Christians, in my generation, who are honoring God's word by praying for the peace of Jerusalem." - Cornetta Lane, Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) Undergraduate Student & Israel Experience 07' Alumnae
New York University, New York *2010*
New York University The DPPJ prayer gathering was held in the NYU student center. I started off the event by providing everyone with a brief description of DPPJ and explained my personal experience in praying for Israel. After we went through the points and a bit of discussion, we broke off into pairs and prayed together. We split up the prayer points, so that, between us, all of the points were covered. It was a really powerful experience. I witnessed individuals who had never before been introduced to the idea of praying for the peace of Jerusalem take part in a meaningful, effective time of prayer. Most of the students who attended the event had not previously been educated on Christian support for Israel or the concept of prayer for Jerusalem. I believe that the event was successful in both educating them on the issues and, more importantly, stirring up an interest and conviction to participate.-- DPPJ Campus Leaders, Lydia Noone
University of North Carolina, North Carolina *2010*
University of North Carolina The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem was a wonderful time in which we gathered together to worship and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In addition to praying through the prayer points listed, we prayed about other matters pertaining to Israel as the Lord led each person through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It was such a blessing to see people on the campus who really desire to agree with God's heart concerning His people that we will not give the Lord rest in intercession until He establishes His purposes in Jerusalem. The presence of the Lord was very tangible at the gathering and one Medical/PhD student blew the shofar during prayer too.
Michael Pham.
"It was such a blessing to gather together to pray for the peace of Jerusalem on UNC campus for the second year in a row. As students cried out to God, His tangible presence was felt by each individual. We know that the Lord heard our prayers and we will see peace restored to Jerusalem. Hallelujah!"
- Michael Pham
Liberty University, Online *2011*
Kayla Bramnick shares about Israel on campus, but also in her community: “For the last several weeks, I have been teaching a group of 20 kids from the ages of 7-15 about the history of the Jewish people. We discussed the stories of Abraham, Isaac & Ishmael, the holocaust, anti-Semitism, and terrorism. On DPPJ I brought in a world map. I showed them the map of the Middle East and Asia and asked them to find Israel. Their little faces were stunned when they compared the size of the Jewish State and the rest of the Muslim world. Before I had a chance to say another word my kids bombarded me with the one question, “What can we do about it?” A circle of little hands and knees formed as each child prayed asking God for peace in Israel.” - Kayla Bramnick Liberty University (online)
Messiah College, Pennsylvania *2010*
Messiah College On Sunday evening we had our day of prayer gathering in a small 24 hour prayer chapel in the basement of one of the Messiah College campus apartments. I had prayed before our gathering that God would stir the hearts of these students towards Jerusalem and also towards a life of prayer. The Lord was truly present in our prayers and reading of scriptures. Out of the  twenty or so students we had in attendance ranging from first-year to senior, there were representatives from our campus’s Middle Eastern Student’s Association, Black Student Union, and the Messiah College prayer team. We spent time together and in smaller groups praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, the needs of people in the city, and also for some Messiah students who will be studying there in the coming year. As a result of this Day of Prayer for Jerusalem, I think the students on this campus were fulfilling a little of the mission of reconciliation that Messiah College teaches to us. In the end, I hope we as students are continually challenged to remember and pray for this city, Jerusalem. --DPPJ Campus Leader, Israel Experience '10 Alumni - Havilah Mendez
Valley Forge Christian College, Pennsylvania *2010*
I had received about twenty "definite attending" responses from students and many more "maybes", but our meeting location was changed the night before, so there were fewer people in attendance than I expected; the prayer meeting however, was a success. I had prepared a prayer list from the prayer points DPPJ has provided. The students who were there to pray for Israel were passionate and interested in the well being of this nation and its people. Our meeting lasted around an hour; we went through the prayer points as a group, with different individuals leading out in prayer as they felt led; afterwards, we talked about what we knew about Israel and any interactions we have had with the Jewish people. "Knowing that our small prayer group on my college campus was combining in heart and mind to intercede for Israel with people all across the world encouraged us in that we were joining into something greater than ourselves. By praying for Jerusalem we are joining with the heart of God, aligning our prayers with his will for the land of Israel. We know that the Lord will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse it, and we want to be a blessing and be part of the blessing."--DPPJ Campus Leader, Amber Davis
Messiah College, Pennsylvania *2011*
Messiah College A handful of students met in Hostetter Chapel at Messiah College to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Gathered in a circle on the floor, the students sincerely prayed out-loud and read scriptures that related to Jerusalem and different aspects of healing and peace. It was a great time of intimate and fervent prayer. Kelly Warner - Messiah College